Saturday, December 18, 2010

WELCOME to CAD MASTERS SRI LANKA - අපි අපේ දේ කථා කරමු Blog


Welcome to brand new CAD MASTERS SRI LANKA Blog created to talk about CAD, Cad issues and share CAD knowledge. Soon I hope to develop this blog to a learning resource of New features and other already available utilities but which we are still not using getting benefits from them. How to write and use Auto lisp codes. how to deal with Cad Macros etc will be discussed in due course.. 

I have added lots of tools and utilities here on the right pane of the blog that is day to day useful items such as universal unit converter, Scientific Cal, Important CAD links we share in CAD MASTERS fb Group, YouTube CAD tutorials(Bottom of Blog), Google Dynamic Road map, Google Drive Direction, Visitors IP locator, Daily CAD tips, Sri Lanka's all FM Channels player for entertainment and many more added in due course. Hope these are helpful you all.

Also, I have decided to make this blog to publish CAD MASTERS' special  aesthetic  composition and creations here such as Poems, Verses, special blog columns, painting etc. CAD MASTERS are clever not only in drafting but also they are clever in other aesthetics and activities.

CAD MASTERS can share there creations with me to publish here with the aid of Google Docs. ඔබගේ හරවත් නිර්මාණ බෙදාගමු හැමෝම සමග...
Google Doc to
Please feel free to give feedback ඔබගේ අදහස් බලාපොරොත්තූ වෙමි.



  1. jaya ... CAD master is a wonderful piece of work i have ever seen who has contributed to his profession..keep it up machan we are with u........cheeeeers

  2. Ediri, Thank you very much for the appreciation. that makes me to do many more things.. keep in touch with CMSL blog. send me your nice verses to publish here.